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Textbooks and Journals for Power Electronics and Motor Controls

Textbooks and Journals for Power Electronics and Motor Controls

Journals and Conference Proceedings

This article provides the names and linnks to a number of textbooks that have been found useful- they are separated into a few fields despite the large overlap among power electronics, controls, and electric machines.

These textbooks do teach the fundamental principles but generally do not contain the newest research findings. To be completely up-to-date, one may follow these three journals:

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

And proceedings from the APEC and ECCE conferences.

Note - these are direct links and we do not receive any monies for promoting these books.

General Controls

Digital Control of Dynamic Systems (3rd Edition)

Gene F. Franklin, J. David Powell, Michael L. Workman

Modern Control Engineering

Katsuhiko Ogata

Motor Controls

Introduction to Electric Machines and Drives

D.W. Novotny, T.A. Lipo, T.M. Jahns

Power Electronics

Principles of Power Electronics

John G. Kassakian, Martin F. Schlecht, George C. Verghese

And some additional books for the interested reader:


Version of this article is 8/16/2017.



Proportional Controller Implementation

In MatLab, DSPs, and FPGAs.


Control System Block Diagram

The fundamentals of signal flow.


System Modeling With Transfer Functions

Introduction to dynamic systems.


Fourier Series Demo

It is all sine waves.

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