Control Systems
Web-based Simulator Examples

Web-based Simulator Examples

Articles with Built-in Simulations


Proportional Controller: Theory and Demo

The simplest linear controller explained. Explore the dynamics and steady-state behavior in the web-based simulator.

Tags: Control Theory, Interactive Demo


Proportional-Integral (PI) Controller : Theory + Demo

Explore the interactive demo of a PI compensator controlling a motor winding current in both time and frequency domains.

Tags: Control Theory, Interactive Demo

Article with External Simulations


    System Dynamics - Time Constants

    Three easy ways to estimate system time constants.

    Tags: Control Theory


    Control System Block Diagram

    A quick refresher on system block diagrams and associated signals.

    Tags: Control Theory


    IIR to FIR System Conversion

    How can one approximate IIR systems with FIR systems?

    Tags: Control Theory


    Final Value Theorem

    What is the steady-state output of a transfer function subjected to a step change? There is a simple rule - but does it work in all cases?

    Tags: Control Theory, Interactive Demo



The Transfer Function Simulator above is a simplistic (yet quite powerful) imitation of commercial products such as Simulink(r) by MathWorks(c) or PLECS(r) by PLEXIM(c). The purpose behind providing the simulator is simple: not everyone has access to Simulink. Alternatively, there might not a free license at the time or simply one would like to explore the design of control systems online on a machine without installed MatLab.

Extensive documentation is available here: Web-based Simulator documentation

Change log is available here: Web-based Simulator change log

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